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Emily Tate

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Born on July 23, 2007

Cancer diagnosis: Emily was diagnosed with A.L.L Early childhood leukemia on May 28, 2010. We have been told that this has an 80% cureable rate with chemo.

Emily's current health status: Emmi has been responding very well to her chemo treatments. She has been getting a little more tired but overall has been doing g

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Favorite Color: Red, Orange, and Purple

Favorite Food: Watermelon, Carrots, and Sugar Snap Peas

Favorite Book: Where the Wild Things Are

Favorite Movie: Wow Wow Wubzy, Max and Ruby

Favorite Animal: Giraffe and Polar Bears

Favorite Game: Playdough and Puzzles

Favorite Song: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

A Fun Fact about Emily: Emily loves to dance and have tea parties. Emily also loves to color and play with her Playdough.

If Emily had a Super Power, it would be: Emily would love to fly.

Emily's favorite things: Loves to go outside and play and move around the garden decorations and she also loves to chase bubbles.